The Story of Lawrence Chapel, TX

In October of 2011, I began researching and collecting stories of a small Texas settlement in what is now Thrall, TX for a descendant of Texas’s storied Old 300 in order to preserve what time has threatened to jettison into the aether. I researched, crafted, and presented a wonderful piece of literature that defined what life was in the embryonic stages of our great state. This is the foreword:


The beginnings of our great state are thoroughly chronicled in the annals of history and shrouded in legacy. There is much that has been written, but there is still much more to discover. Within the epic of Texan lore are countless tales that have been overlooked and are now on the verge of extinction. Of the first Texan settlements, those found in Williamson County served as some of the most dynamic and influential. They were filled with colorful characters and their heroic storylines are screaming to be heard.

The trajectory of the following pages is aimed at shedding light on an old Texas relic hidden in a tiny nook of Williamson County called Lawrence Chapel. Although now considered to be a tame, suburban sprawl of blended neighborhood developments and rural farmland north of Austin, Williamson County was once a hotbed for the shrewdest of both pioneers and lawless alike. Of the pioneers, many traveled with Stephen F. Austin and his band of original settlers, the Old 300 while others were trying to recover their lives from the shambles of the fallen Confederacy. And it would come to pass that families like the Millers, Olives, Abbots, and the Lawrences had the strongest impact on Lawrence Chapel.


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